Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Barns or Any Dilapidated Buildings

Lake Life – Boat House

Before I was born my parents built a home on the Coosa River. A few years later the property became waterfront when Alabama Power completed building the Logan Martin Dam. After I was born we would spend summers and weekends at the lake. I loved playing in the boat house. From inside the boat house you could see the bream and small fish swimming in the warm water. It was like looking into my own private aquarium. We used to swim by the rock retaining wall that my parents built by hand using rocks found on the property.  That wall has since been covered with concrete and no longer can you see the character of the rocks.  The large water oak trees by the boat house were small saplings planted when I was a baby 53 years ago. My parents have passed away and the home has belonged to another family for several years now. I do get to see the old place when I visit my aunt and uncle who still own the home next door. Just looking at the boat house it still looks perfect to me. It does need some TLC since it’s more than 50 years old now. Rules and regulations on the lake prevent any true maintenance except minor repairs and paint. To make any structural changes or even to replace wood or tin the change has to be approved by the power company and rarely gets approved. Plus enclosed boat houses are no longer allowed, but our old one is grandfathered in. No longer can you have doors or close it up completely to protect your boat and gear. New boat houses have to be open, with open windows and no doors. I sure do miss looking into my private aquarium. Maybe I can sneak over there next time I visit and take another peek.

Early 1970 – me swimming by the old rock wall.


It’s Ok To Dream Right?

Flashback… 1960 my father buys land in a pasture that is a half mile from a river. Going on good information he and mom start building their future weekend home on the side of a hill. With plans that they found in a magazine the project of their lifetime started. The front yard slightly sloping to the edge of the property line…a pasture with meandering cows. Up goes a retaining wall, a dock, boat house, and sidewalk along the retaining wall. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Well not if you have insight into what’s about to happen just a few years down the road. The river that seems so far away in the distance will soon be damned up by the electric company and the water will back right up to the retaining wall. What was once just a funny looking property with a boathouse and dock in the middle of a pasture will soon be waterfront property. The place where we will go each weekend to relax and spend summers once school is out.

Cabin on Logan Martin Lake

Fast forward 50 years…that’s what I want to do. Over the past couple of years I’ve had this feeling like I wanted somewhere to go, to just get away, like we did when I was growing up. One of my aunts and uncles have a cabin that they travel to on the weekends too. Being retired they are able to come and go as they want. Is it crazy that I’d like to have the same? Sometimes with the stress that comes with both our jobs I think that a weekend away might give us that relief we’re searching for.

I’ll keep searching and maybe one day before we’re too old to enjoy find a chunk of land somewhere. It’s a good time to look for something since we’ve knocked out all our bills except for utilities, mortgage and food! The search is on… and if it turns into a piece of land that we camp on in the beginning…that’s just fine with me! Ok…100F temps may factor in, but that’s what portable A/C units are for right?