Better Late Than Never

Merry Christmas!


I didn’t post while recuperating but wished everyone well.  Two doctors visits, new meds and my back is feeling really good and the hip pain is gone.  My new orthopedic doctor put me on drugs for inflammation, stating he couldn’t believe I’d only been on pain meds.  Scaring in my back from the previous surgerys had caused inflammation and my MRI I got for Christmas showed that my disc was in great shape!

More later!  I just wanted to catch everyone up!

Good Old Back Pain

It was like I’ve been here before twice…not a feeling that I like, but now a feeling I notice earlier each time it happens. After I get home from work I have one thing that’s my little ritual… off come the work clothes and on go the pj’s. On Monday I had got home from work and was walking down the hallway heading to the bedroom…my pj’s were calling. Thats when I felt the sharp quick shooting pain in my hip.

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Just Couldn't Sleep In

Last night I was sure that my back was cooperative and sleeping in this morning was in the works.  No luck. By 5:30am I just could not get comfortable. The only thing that felt good was sitting up on the side of the bed. So that didn’t last long and now I’m feeling better but its a little late to go back to bed. I just don’t understand… laying down should feel good but for me sometimes its just impossible and I’m trying to do it all without the prescription pain pills. Lately just getting out of bed when the pain starts helps but sleeping in would be awesome especially on a Saturday.
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