Holiday Weekend in the Popup Camper

Staycation -Elmore County Alabama Camp Driveway with MsJayne

What do we do on a long holiday weekend and want to save some money? We camp at home!  Plus who wants to go camping when all the campgrounds are overflowing with campers wishing to get one last trip in before summer is over.  We stayed home and I’m planning an even better trip when the temps get cooler and the campgrounds empty out some.

So what are the positive things about camp driveway?  Here are mine:  1) If you don’t want to use the potty or shower in the popup you can always go use the facilities the camp host provides. 2) If you forget to bring snacks you know the locations of all the local stores.  3) Dominos delivers.  4) If the AC goes out in the camper you can sleep in your own bed and not get in a fight with your spouse because everyone is hot and miserable.  5)  The camp host doesn’t complain because your dog is barking.  6)  The camp host doesn’t complain that your water line is leaking.

Here are some of the cons for camp driveway:  1) There is no guarantee that a neighbor won’t start a lawnmower, weed eater, leaf blower, chainsaw or tractor at 7am on a Saturday.  2)  Realizing its not so quiet outside your home at 2am.  Who are these people out at 2am on a Sunday?  Do their mothers know they are out late?  3)  You may wake up on Saturday with an urge to start mowing the lawn because the neighbor is mowing theirs.  You can’t sleep anyways, so why not?

2003 Coleman Niagara Grand Tour Elite

Over all the long weekend was great.  I got to do a lot of cleaning inside the Popup so that she’s ready for our next campground trip.  Only one night was noisy and our neighbor waited until 8am to start mowing.  Plus the camp host has an awesome entertainment room and didn’t mind us watching television anytime we wanted!  Ready for our next campground trip!

More fun next time!

Staycation – Backyard Camping

This past weekend was a busy one, but we wanted to try and get away for just a little while. Since we’ve been talking about going camping sometime soon we got out the tent and set it up in the backyard. It has been a few years since the last time we went camping and that trip everyone got soaked…every night! Nothing like going to the laundry mat in town just to dry out your sleeping bags!
So the plan was to get the tent out, see if all the parts were still there, clean it up if needed, then pack it back up the next day. Well we decided to sleep outside Friday night. Nothing exciting since the rain wasn’t going to be here until around 10am on Saturday.

Sears Hillary 2 Room Tent with Rain Fly- Great for clear weather, but leaks pretty bad if it rains.

Plenty of time to enjoy a night of backyard camping. Add to that we decided to bring Libby our dog along too. We weren’t sure how she’d like it, but after about two hours she finally quit wanting to bark at every weird noise she heard. Ok, I will say that the coyotes in the woods carrying on was a little nerve wracking for a bit, but I was finally able to get to sleep. We even got out the air mattresses too. I was afraid my back would complain since we’ve not been camping since both of my back surgeries. The air mattress was just great and neither one leaked either.

Saturday morning we woke up quite early.  Since the tent is white it blocks very little sunshine.  We didn’t notice that much when we used it last since we were in the woods under some large trees at the beach.  Around 10am the rain started so we just left the tent up to give it a good washing.  After a day of constant rain I decided to run out and check the inside of the tent for leaks.  Nothing leaked under the rain fly, but the floor looked to be leaking everywhere a stake strap was sewn in, and around the tops of the vestibules.  If I could find two more rain flys I could probably remedy the majority of the leaks.  Well it’s still raining today (Monday) and I’ve scooped out more water from the inside.  Hopefully everything will dry up soon and we’ll try a little waterproofing.  I’ve also thought about getting a very large tarp and create a new improved larger rain fly.

I’ve debated keeping the tent or going to a newer model that has better reviews.  Then I think of the age of this tent, it’s good condition and the fact that we could probably remedy the leaking quite cheaply.  Plus I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve been camping.  Hopefully next time we go camping will be soon, dry and uneventful. At least this time we didn’t get wet!

PS, this tent is a 4-5 person tent.  Even with just the two of us and a medium size dog it was quite cozy.