Tomato Heaven – Spring is Coming!

So far this month I’ve only decided on one vegetable to plant. Tomato! I also may need to rethink the garden layout since I’ll be planting about 15 different varieties of tomato! Yes, I got a little crazy with my seeds this year and I’ve also ordered more! This summer the pressure canner will be working overtime. Instead of picking up seeds at the local store or co-op I decided to go a different route and find some tomato varieties that I’ve not grown before. Browsing the internet also provides me with some ideas on which seeds to seek out. Over at I stumbled upon a collection of old seed catalogs. Its interesting to see what people were planting over 100 years ago in the southern United States and what vegetables were popular.

The tomato varieties that I plan on growing this year are: Ponderosa Pink, Orange Banana, Striped Stuffer, Black from Tula, ILDI, 1884, Charlie Chaplin, Opalka, St. Ivy, and if you live in a hot humid location like me you probably have these tomatoes on had to plant too!
I can’t wait for my new order of tomato seeds to arrive. I even found a variety of the Stone tomato that is in the 1904 catalog. Ok, it may not be the exact variety, but I do love my tomatoes!
By chance if you are a tomato lover too, then check out Tomato Fest by visiting the link below. They have a large variety of tomato seeds and a ton of helpful information and videos.




Cosmic Yellow

Cosmic Yellow
Cosmic Yellow…Yellow Cosmo… next year I’m planning on covering the whole flowerbed with these tall yellow flowers. I’m not sure of the type, but they look like a type of marigold. This year they started out in hanging baskets, but since they grew so tall their seeds fell to the ground below and young flowers are going there now too. I wish I could remember their names…oh well they are still pretty.

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