Alabama Handmade Soap

Homemade Hard Soap

Homemade Hard Soap Hard Soap (Castile) – Only 3 Ingredients Olive Oil, Water & Lye Cured 1 Year (for hardness) Just like Nanna would have made way back then! Recreated from researching recipes found in old newspaper clippings, magazines and handwritten recipes found tucked away in old recipe books. Most times I make and use …

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Soaps Curing

It smells yummy in my shop.  Cut all my new soaps so that they can cure.  Watch out farmers market and etsy!  This batch consists of five vegan soaps and three made from goats milk…batches were kept separate during making and cutting.  Vegan include: camomile neroli, champaka, patchouli vanilla hemp, sandalwood vanilla and tea tree.  …

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