In A Pickle With Okra


I tried something a little different. Over the past few weeks I put up some pickles but this time I’m trying to make some pickled okra. I wasn’t sure of the recipe so I found one in an old cookbook. The recipe called for garlic, salt, dill weed, sugar and vinegar. I only had enough okra to do two jars so one is hot, I added pepper flakes and in the others just garlic and dill. Talk about smelling the kitchen up! Why didn’t I have enough okra to do more…because I love fried okra!

Guess What Is For Dinner?

Fresh picked from the garden today! Tomatoes, okra, and peppers!

There is nothing like some fresh veggies for dinner!  I only have about eight okra plants so I’ll dice up a little green tomato to go along with it.  Actually the rain knocked off a tomato that was not quite ripe but no longer green, so I’ll try using that one instead.

I even have a little onion that I’ll add along to spice things up a little bit!


Ok, now I’m hungry!  Off to cook!