Awning Pole Flowers – Popup Mod

Are you tired of tripping over the  ropes that anchors the camper awning to the ground?  Is the ground too hard to hammer stakes in for the awning anchors?  Camping at home on the drive way and no way to secure the awning to the concrete without stealing bricks from around your neighbors garden?
Awning Pole Support
Here’s what I put together to solve some of the problems with awning ropes and securing the awning when camping in “difficult” locations.  A trip to the local home improvement store and Voilà!  Homemade awning supports that also pretty up the camp site!

I put these together one at a time so that I could make sure I got everything in place before the cement became too thick to work with.  Continue reading for a list of the items needed and directions on putting them together.
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Indoor and Outdoor Towel Racks – Camper Mods

I got a little creative today. Two different clothes racks and all made in a little under an hour. Most materials I had around the house and the snap kit I picked up at Home Depot a few months ago. Each rack is pretty easy to construct.

Outdoor Towel Rack

Outdoor towel rack for those times when you don’t want to hang wet stuff inside and the campground doesn’t allow clothes lines.

For the outdoor rack I used a longer dowel and attached straps to the bottom of the bunk. I added a washer so that the screw doesn’t pull through the strap. Make sure the wood screws you use aren’t too long as they may damage the bottom of your mattress. If they do go through a little bit, either nip off the end or make a cover that will protect the mattress. There are also snaps attached to the bottom of the bunk so that the straps can be snapped up out of the way when not used. The dowel will be stored inside the camper in one of the cabinets when not in use.

Indoor towel rack that uses the straps and snaps that hold the door to the ceiling when stored.

Indoor towel rack that uses the straps and snaps that hold the door to the ceiling when stored.

What’s next? I’m not sure, but it would be nice to recover all the cushions!

Popup Camper Mod – LED Interior Lighting

New LED Lights!The new LED bulbs arrived this week! Just in time for a long weekend of doing a few repairs on the Coleman PopUp Camper. It’s incredible how hot the old bulbs would get and it is a wonder they didn’t melt the lens covers. These bulbs do get warm, but nothing like the old 1141 incandescent bulbs. I bet the battery will last a lot longer now!  This has been the easiest mod by far and the only hazard was removing the old bulbs too soon after the pictures without letting them cool.  What will I do with the old bulbs?  Those bulbs are now spare bulbs that will go into the tool box in case we ever have a bulb go out for any of the other exterior lights.  For more information just click on the bulb photos.20141011_175939LED_MOD
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