Mission Trips Are Awesome

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be part of a church mission team that traveled from our homes in Alabama to Alajuela Costa Rica. Well we were actually quite a way from the main city of Alajuela on a farm in a very rural area. While we were there we painted a house, built 40+ shelving units for the new dorm (no pre-built stuff – all from scratch) and provided almost two weeks of free labor in what ever needed to be done. The people were awesome and I know I’ve grown a lot from having experienced helping those that need help.

Costa Rica 2010 – Mission Trip Video

July 2010 – We headed out to help missionaries Mary and Marion Woods at the Methodist Rural Center located in Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica. Our task was to help finish building shelves and to paint a local home. Once finished the shelves we installed them into one of the new cabins to be used for church retreats. For more information about the Methodist Rural Center, visit their website.

To read more posts that I posted during our mission trip, visit Costa Rica 2010.

26 Days And Counting…

Just 26 more days until our mission team heads to Quesada. Now I’m wishing I’d brushed up on my Spanish, but I’m sure we’ll survive. I really need to start thinking about what I’ll be taking. I’d like to try going with just one bag, but I’m not sure it would be possible. Maybe this week I can get some shopping done, and pick up some comfy, modest, cool clothing..that will also protect me from the bugs. Thinking back I can remember Johnny came back with bites all over…and I really don’t want to deal with that. I wonder if those new mosquito clips really do keep the insects away.

In other news…all the carpet has been removed from our den, living room, second bedroom, hall way, and dining room. Talk about nasty! Its weird how all that dust and dirt can get under the padding! Either that or they laid the carpets down on dirty floors. We’ve got our estimate on getting the wood floors put in, as well as remodeling our bathroom and redoing the garage. Construction should begin in about a week now. Plenty of before and after pictures will be taken…and as for those black bathroom fixtures…1980 had called and they want them returned. 🙂 Bye bye black tub that shows soap after every shower…hello large walk in shower with a bench!