Sunday Snap – Vintage Travel

Can you imagine a time traveling when your luggage made a statement!

Can you imagine a time traveling when your luggage made a statement!

Just a little something for Sunday. I have a slight obsession with all things vintage and especially travel. Over the past couple years I’ve found a few of these hard sided suitcases and a couple train cases that I couldn’t leave behind. In 2014 we’re happy packing our clothes and belongings into some type of carrier that meets weight and size restriction. We want our luggage to survive what ever it may face once it leaves our hands headed for TSA. These suitcases that I’ve found are well traveled and looks to have been loved by their owners and treated with respect by airline luggage handlers. I wonder what stories they could tell?

Vintage Travel


Meet Mister Black – Train Case Project #2

Meet Mister Black – a.k.a. a $2 American Tourister train case from the 1970’s.  I’m thinking for this one I’ll add some white or pink transfers on to the outside and spruce it up a little.  This case has an adjustable and removable mirror inside and also a tray.  It’s a lot lighter than the blue one that I posted about in my Glamping Project post a few weeks ago.  The handle doesn’t lay down flat like my blue one and it’s missing the key for the lock, but it will do just fine for storing small items or just sitting out as a type of decorative tote.

Mister Black – 1970’s train case project number 2

How do you think it will look with maybe some white flower or maybe even some light pink or red graphics? Too hip for someone like me to use as a carry-on bag?   My last trip through the airport I didn’t notice any bags like these, but I might next time.  It’s kind of like when you purchase a vehicle that seems to be not so common and then you see them everywhere you go.

For this case I did not have to do any major cosmetic work and the inside is in great shape.  Here’s a few tips and tricks that I used to perk up Mister Black:

  • Wipe down the exterior and interior using a mixture of mild soap and warm water
  • Use a magic eraser to take off any paint transfer or sticky places on the exterior.  Don’t rub too much or you will dull the  exterior
  • Wipe down with Armor-all wipes or leather cleaner to treat the exterior and help bring back the shine
  • Fill with four cups unscented cat litter – place in a sealed garbage bag for three weeks to help remove any odor – if there is still a smell change out the cat litter and leave it for a couple more weeks
  • Decorate and have fun with your new train case

Train case inside – all cleaned up and ready to go.


Update:  Meet Big Brown Vintage Taperlite Suitcase

Vintage Taperlite Luggage from 1950 – 1960