What Do You Do?

When you travel, what do you do while your stuck on an airplane with little or no leg room? Do you people watch? Are you one of those people who is always by a window trying to figure out what the city or town below might be? This past week I went to San Antonio …

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Aboriginal Design Kindle Case – via Etsy!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased my Kindle but just couldn’t settle on a case to go with it. So to mix it up a little and go the unique route I searched for just the right one on Etsy. Why not make it special by getting one that was handmade. This one caught …

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General Photos Upcycled

Upcycled – Rice Bag eBook Reader Case

Well I got a little thrifty this weekend. I emptied the rice I’d purchased into glass jars so that it stays fresh and doesn’t attract any pantry moths. Since the rice came in its own burlap bag with a zipper top and handles I couldn’t just throw it away. I decided to repurpose it. Added …

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