Jelly Time of Year!

I’ve been a little busy this weekend and thought I’d try something new.  Over the years I’ve made jelly and jam for canning but standing over a pot worrying about it burning or trying to remember when the boil started took away the fun. The past week I saw a couple of video’s showing how easy it is to make jelly with an automatic jelly maker.  So I did a little research and picked up my own Jelly Maker Needless to say I’ve been on a jelly roll since it arrive on Saturday!  My first test was an easy blackberry jam (recipe book included).  I picked up some berries, sugar and pectin on my grocery trip.  My first batch (4 – 8 oz jelly jars) was done in about 45 minutes.  The jelly maker made it so easy that I wanted to do more!  Since that first batch I’ve made some Irish Breakfast Apple jelly and some scuppernong jelly.  I called one of our local wineries and they had extra scuppernong juice left over from pressing a few days earlier.  The scuppernong jelly was a test since I did not have a recipe.  Instead I used the apple recipe from the guide and used scuppernong juice instead.  The first batch turned out awesome!  The second batch did not set so I will reprocess it later today.  I was going good until I ran out of pectin and used a different brand.  Lesson learned…if a recipe calls for a specific pectin don’t swap it for a different brand.  Well swap if you’d like, but you’ll be doing twice as much work when re-batching time comes around.  Take a peek at all the jelly!

Jelly Time

It’s jelly and jam making time at my house! Guess what some family members will get for Christmas!

16 Hours Later – Apple Rings and Jelly!

It’s time to give the dehydrator a needed break.  Six trays of yellow squash and apple slices finally done.

Dried Apple Rings and Squash

Dried apple rings and yellow squash vacuum sealed for storage.


While I was waiting on the apples and squash to dry I decided to try my hand at making some jelly.  I’m not sure if it’s going to work or not since the recipe says it could take up to two weeks for the jelly to set.  Oh well, if it doesn’t set I’ll just label it Apple Honey and no one will know the difference!  There wasn’t much to the recipe at all: apple juice, sugar and pectin.  Heat, stir, stir, stir, stir…can, hot water bath, wait, wait wait…

Apple Jelly

Apple Jelly – aka Apple Honey if things don’t jell up!