Cucumbers! What to do!!??

I got out my old “Favorite Recipes of Alabama Vocational Home Economics Teachers” cookbook this morning to look for a pickle recipe.  Remember those cookbooks?  We sold them in high school to raise money for different projects.  Since my cucumbers were doing so well and I’m running out of space in the refrigerator I decided to try pickles again.  I always loved my mom’s bread and butter pickles and so I thought I’d give it a try.

Sliced cucumbers and onions from my garden. I love using my mom’s old canning pan. It brings back memories of when she would put up tomatoes, corn and Bread n Butter pickles! Continue reading

Soaps Curing


It smells yummy in my shop.  Cut all my new soaps so that they can cure.  Watch out farmers market and etsy!  This batch consists of five vegan soaps and three made from goats milk…batches were kept separate during making and cutting.  Vegan include: camomile neroli, champaka, patchouli vanilla hemp, sandalwood vanilla and tea tree.  Goat milk soaps include: redwood pear, unscented castile, and woodberry.