Yeah For The Weekend

What a few couple of weeks. Add to the chaos crazy weather! This morning it was a toasty 28F and now it’s cloudy again so we are probably in for some rain.
I’m not sure if it was the weather or what, but I woke up with a headache this morning. Even tonight it’s still aching a little and seems to be behind my eyes. I’ve tried wearing my new glasses, but it will take a while to get used to these progressive bifocals. At work is the hardest since my computer has two monitors and if I just glance from one to the other it makes me dizzy. I have to remember to physically turn my head so that everything stays in focus.

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? I really don’t know who is playing but we will be watching just to see the commercials. Crazy isn’t it?

If your wondering about my vision it’s still about the same as before. In the mornings its a little hard to focus on things, but it gets better the longer I’m out of bed. No real cloudiness in my vision yet, but I’m keeping a mental list of the symptoms in the back of my mind. Did I mention that we are working to get our passports renewed? more putting things off. I want to do some traveling. I’d love to go back to Venice and Munich with hubby, but right now I’m actually looking into Ireland. Since I’m half Irish..why not! More to come on that subject later!

Margarita time!

Appointment Day

One the day of my eye exam I almost asked to be rescheduled because the waiting room was packed.  I’d assumed that thing should be a little slow at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, boy was I wrong.  Instead I held tight and decided to wait a little longer to see if maybe everyone that was waiting was not the patient but was a companion or driver for others.  It turns out both was true…it was Lasik day and some were waiting to drive others home after their procedures.

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Keeping Up With Insurance

It all started on New Year’s Eve.  Hubby had an eye appointment so I went with him just in case they dilate his eyes and so I can drive ourselves back home.  Great way to spend New Year’s Eve, actually it was.  We were both getting over a cold and had planned on spending a quiet evening at home watching movies.  We’d picked up a bottle of champagne at World Market so we were set for the evening.  During the visit the receptionist ask for our insurance card.  I explained that we don’t carry vision insurance only health coverage.  She said no problem but she would still add our coverage to our charts just in case any type of surgery should ever be needed then they would have the information.

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