Ireland Photos

Floral Friday – 4

These colorful petunia flowers were photographed while we were visiting the city of Cobh in Cork County Ireland. I’m not sure if this was taken before or after I fell into the street. Yes, I stepped off the curb, tripped and fell face first into the street. (Disclaimer: Guinness was not a factor during this …

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Floral Friday – 2

Everything is all brown and dry now due to the extreme drought that we are in here but I wanted to share some photos of better times.  Hopefully more rain will come soon and everything will turn green just a little longer before the cold weather really starts. Wild Blue Morning Glory Day Lily Gardenia …

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Alabama Garden

Floral Friday – Mirabilis Jalapa

Mirabilis jalapa, the marvel of Peru Drought – extreme drought conditions for where I live. No rain since September, however while I was outside today I notice the one of my 4 O’Clock plants was coming back out and even had a couple blooms.  I guess they really are drought tolerant. I really hope this …

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