Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle


Alabama Confederate Monument - carved in 1898 by Alexander Doyle out of Russellville limestone, granite, and with bronze sculptures sitting on a Russellville limestone base.

Alabama Confederate Monument – carved in 1898 by Alexander Doyle out of Russellville limestone, granite, and with bronze sculptures on Russellville limestone base.

From Every Angle
This weeks photo challenge is “from every angle”. In photography, literature, news and all types of media there is always another “angle”. Some stories or photos may provide a single meaning to one person and a totally different meaning to another. Some photos or images may stir up perceived feelings of conflict and others may see history and heritage in the same image. Those of us here today can not fathom what our ancestors were thinking or doing some 150+ years ago. We can do research and try to piece together a broad idea of what our great grand parents may have been doing during this time. If you were asked to protect your family and your way of life, would you hide in the shadows? My great grandfather did join the cause and fight for the confederacy. I do not know what his reasons were for joining. Census shows that he was only 19, single and a farmer. Maybe he wanted to protect his family, way of life and livelihood or maybe he didn’t have a choice…

In 2015 the Governor of Alabama made a choice to remove the Confederate state flags from around this monument. History is history and we should remember what has happened in the past…those who choose to ignore the past tend to repeat past mistakes.

Daily Post: Creepy

Gunter Hill Park
Daily Post: Creepy – because we can’t take photos of rainbows every day.
The photo above was taken on a camping trip to Gunter Hill Campground just outside Montgomery Alabama. Fear not there was a warning sign that the walkway was closed. I’m not sure where the walkway lead, but I believe it was close to some areas where hunting was allowed. Beware!

Daily Post – Creepy

Nothin’ But A Good Time

Daily Prompt: Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties evaporate for the day. The day is all to yourself, to do anything you want to do. Here’s what I would do.

Isaac Creek Campground – view from our dock. #camping #popup #pup

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I’d find a nice secluded camping spot on the creek and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe even do some fishing along the creek with my better half and see if we can spot an alligator.

Oak Mountain State Park #alabama #hiking #camping #outdoors

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We would take Liberty, our dog, for a walk along a nice quiet trail. Being careful not to step on a snake along the way!

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Pick wild flowers and leave them on the picnic table for the campers next door to enjoy.


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Watch the sunset with my sweety as the best day ever has come to a close.
Nothin’ But A Good Time