Little Bit of Catching Up

Last week went by so fast and Nashville was awesome.  We called around a couple months before the Marathon and every place was pretty much booked or $$$$ in downtown Nashville.  A couple we know were headed to the race as well and they found an awesome deal about 10 miles from Nashville in Brentwood for $$ 1/2.  Wow!  What a find!  Compared to our 50′ by 40′ double in New Orleans..this place was heaven!  It was so nice having a three room suite all to ourselves!   The best part was the bedroom had a door and when I was up early the day after the race I was able to close the door and let hubby sleep in.  Did I mention that the bathroom was so large we set up the suitcase in there so that it was out of our way?  The indoor pool and the hot tub was nice too, especially for those who ran the Nashville Marathon.

Hilton Suites Brentwood

Loving It!

The next time we travel or I have to travel for work I’ll be looking for Hilton Suites!  Styling!

While we were at the hotel I was able to do a little research and added a cemetery to  On the property of the Hilton we noticed some headstones towards the back of the hotel property.  I asked the front desk about them and they said that the family that owned the property let Hilton purchase the land for the hotel under one condition, that the family cemetery remains untouched.  I usually submit photos to Find A Grave but when I looked this cemetery wasn’t listed.  Hopefully these photos will help others doing family research for the Daniel family.  Daniel Family Cemetery

All in all it was a great weekend!  Even if it was a little eclectic at times!