Working At The Beach

Last month I had to travel for work and for this trip it was back to Eglin AFB for 10 days.  That in itself isn’t bad, however what made it even better was that I was able to find a condo on the beach in Fort Walton at the right rate!  Work was good and we were really productive.  I could really get used to watching this view everyday.  What do you think?

Big Day at the Beach!

Traveling for work isn’t so bad since I haven’t had to go anywhere for about three years. This year rolled around and I ended up having to travel for work. I tried to get out of it but I just couldn’t. Last resort would be if for some reason my travel wouldn’t be approved due to lack of funding, then I’d get to stay at home. Who wouldn’t want to spend almost 2 weeks at the beach, beachfront Well I ended up traveling during June for work. It’s not bad spending the afternoons and the weekend on the beach, but the fact I’d be away on my birthday. Well I was blessed that my hubby came down with me for the first four days and we got to spend some of my birthday together. He took me to breakfast which was awesome!

Maybe next year we’ll head back to the beach for fun, and not for work. It was nice getting up early, sitting on the balcony and taking walks on the beach before work. Happy Birthday to me!


If your wondering where I stayed – I’m staying it is the Wyndham Garden in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Great place! I had a small kitchen with a full size fridge so I was able to shop for groceries and not have to eat out every day.


Wyndham Garden – Studio Suite – Fort Walton Beach, Florida


It's Ok To Dream Right?

Flashback… 1960 my father buys land in a pasture that is a half mile from a river. Going on good information he and mom start building their future weekend home on the side of a hill. With plans that they found in a magazine the project of their lifetime started. The front yard slightly sloping to the edge of the property line…a pasture with meandering cows. Up goes a retaining wall, a dock, boat house, and sidewalk along the retaining wall. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Well not if you have insight into what’s about to happen just a few years down the road. The river that seems so far away in the distance will soon be damned up by the electric company and the water will back right up to the retaining wall. What was once just a funny looking property with a boathouse and dock in the middle of a pasture will soon be waterfront property. The place where we will go each weekend to relax and spend summers once school is out.Cabin on Logan Martin Lake
Fast forward 50 years…that’s what I want to do. Over the past couple of years I’ve had this feeling like I wanted somewhere to go, to just get away, like we did when I was growing up. One of my aunts and uncles have a cabin that they travel to on the weekends too. Being retired they are able to come and go as they want. Is it crazy that I’d like to have the same? Sometimes with the stress that comes with both our jobs I think that a weekend away might give us that relief we’re searching for.

I’ll keep searching and maybe one day before we’re too old to enjoy find a chunk of land somewhere. It’s a good time to look for something since we’ve knocked out all our bills except for utilities, mortgage and food! The search is on… and if it turns into a piece of land that we camp on in the beginning…that’s just fine with me! Ok…100F temps may factor in, but that’s what portable A/C units are for right?