Live From The Field

Coachella – the Cochin x Buff Orpington chick

New life on our little “farm”. Hatched on 15 August. From what I can tell knowing which eggs hatched we have a Speckled Sussex x Buff Orpington chick and a Partridge Cochin x Buff Orpington chick. It will be interesting to see if they are hens or roosters and what their coloring will be when the feathers come in.

Speckled Sussex x Buff Orpington (on the left) and Partridge Cochin x Buff Orpington (on the right)

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Chicken Tractor Upgrade – Motion Detection Solar Security Light


Last week I added security lighting to the coop.  It will also come in handy in I need to check on things at night.  Since the light runs of batteries there are pretty much no limits on where we move the tractor to in the yard.

The light has several (3) setting – when to come on, motion sensitivity, and how long to stay on once motion is detected.  So far it’s worked great!  Thank you Harbour Freight!

Also, we are now getting about four eggs a day!