Thermal Cooking aka Hay Box Cooking

What is thermal cooking? Well it’s like a slow cooker, but it does not use electricity at all and all the magic happens inside the insulated pot. The short and sweet of it is that food is heated to boiling for a period of time 5, 10, 15 minutes and then put into an insulated structure. The interior covered pot will retain all the heat and the food will slowly continue cooking for several hours.This cooking concept is not new. While doing some research I found a newspaper article from the late 1890’s describing the same method. I also found a drawing in the book Experiment Station Work, XLI from 1907. If interested in reading the article it can be found over on the Internet Archive.

Well my cooker is not made from wood but the concept is the same. I was able to duplicate the method using a lidded pot and a cooler. Considering the cooler took up so much counter space and the hot pot warped the plastic on the inside of the cooler I finally decided to purchase a small crock pot sized thermal cooker.

It’s very simple to use and there is no worry from leaving an electric appliance plugged in all day.

Hay Box Cooking – Thermal Cooker


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The Eagle Has Landed – 50 Year Anniversary

50 years ago today the United States accomplished something that no other country had ever done. A race to achieve spaceflight capability and to beat Cold War rivals attempting the same.
Below is a movie produced in 1969 which puts the whole story together using video, television broadcasts and images. I do not remember if we watched this on television but I’m pretty sure we did. I was only four years old at the time of the landing but I have a good feeling we were all sitting around a television somewhere watching as it all unfolded live.