Serene – River View in Wetumpka

Daily Post Photo Challenge
Sunday I took a drive over to Gold Star Park in Wetumpka Alabama to see if I could get some good pictures of our fall colors. Around here autumn means we watch the tree leaves turn from green to brown over night.  Well not over night, but within a few days.  The park was really busy and I wasn’t the only one working on capturing the view.

On the way home I stopped to do some shopping and snapped this one. Enjoy!

Live From The Field

Coachella – the Cochin x Buff Orpington chick

New life on our little “farm”. Hatched on 15 August. From what I can tell knowing which eggs hatched we have a Speckled Sussex x Buff Orpington chick and a Partridge Cochin x Buff Orpington chick. It will be interesting to see if they are hens or roosters and what their coloring will be when the feathers come in.

Speckled Sussex x Buff Orpington (on the left) and Partridge Cochin x Buff Orpington (on the right)

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