Photo Friday: "Relaxation"

Photo Friday: “Relaxation”

The view from my chair…plus I was the only one crazy enough to be there in the first place. With a foot of snow outside I couldn’t resist going to the pool. I’m sure the locals thought I was a bit crazy, but then again we had the whole hotel to ourselves. 🙂

Photo Friday: Sentimental


Photo Friday: “Sentimental”

There’s a story behind everything that you see. The flowers are some that I saved from family and friends in remembrance of my Mom almost two years ago, the plate in the back ground is part of a set that my Mom bought me, and the pitcher that holds the flowers is a souvenir of my Dad’s that he brought home from the Navy…rumor has it that its the cream pitcher from the captains table. 🙂 …it all sits in my china cabinet…that was once Mom’s too…..