Genealogy Research – Calhoun County Alabama


When doing genealogy research on my own family tree I sometimes come across information I feel like others may need to see also. Maybe there is another family out there doing research that hasn’t found these little details that I have stumbled across. This week I found an article in the Jacksonville Republican, a newspaper that was published during the 1800’s in Jacksonville, Alabama.

The following is a transcript from a letter written by H.L. Whiteside to the editors of the Jacksonville Republican Newspaper.  He is writing to send news back to Calhoun County Alabama on their situation in arriving in Texas with his family of eleven and only $94.  Mr. Whiteside was a tenant farmer and lived in the Holland Texas area for a very long time.


Letter from Harvey Lafayette Whiteside (born Nov. 24, 1848 – Alabama) to the Editors of the Jacksonville Republican Newspaper – Jacksonville Alabama Continue reading

Old Recipe Clippings Found

Who doesn’t love pudding! Pudding Recipe
A couple of years ago I bought a cookbook at a thrift store for $1 and inside the book I found lots of newspaper clippings. Each one a little different, but apparently they were someones favorite recipes. I’ve been able to trace some by the details on the paper or if there are names listed. A couple have recipes for curing illness and the first one is for a laundry soap. Most of them seem to be from around 1879 – 1910. Enjoy!
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