Floral Friday – 4

These colorful petunia flowers were photographed while we were visiting the city of Cobh in Cork County Ireland. I’m not sure if this was taken before or after I fell into the street. Yes, I stepped off the curb, tripped and fell face first into the street. (Disclaimer: Guinness was not a factor during this incident.) Landing on my knee first was very painful, but I survived the embarrassment. Several people ran to my assistance, one even stopped his car and came over to help me up and to make sure I was OK. A waitress from the pub across the street came over to see if she could do anything. I’ve not experienced that much concern from strangers since. In Ireland the people were so friendly! If this fall had happened here in the states I would have been on my own. Anyways…. I’ve loved this photo ever since.


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Ireland – Questions Answered

Someone asked me about this picture from my blog header.


Isaacs Hostel Dublin! A great place to stay! We loved it!

So to answer the easiest thing would be to refer them to this post from last summer. The picture is of Isaacs Hostel in Dublin.  We stayed there during our trip to Ireland.  You can read about it here:  Ireland  and More Ireland

Never say you are too old to stay in a hostel!  Do your research, read reviews, search Google for blogs that talk about where you want to stay, and then contact them directly with any questions you have!



More Ireland

In my previous post I gave you a little tease of our trip to Ireland.  Now I will try to fill in all the details but overall my mind is still spinning from the wonderful trip we experienced.  Ireland itself has always been on my list of places to see but this past year I was drawn in a little farther.  I’d always heard stories of my mothers family being Irish, but it wasn’t until doing more genealogical research that I began to feel the pull.  The cherry on top was finding out via DNA testing that I was in fact 51% Irish!  I’ve not been able to narrow down the exact part of Ireland that my family came from but was able to come up with a general area.

Searching and planning for the trip started slow, but after a few weeks I was in information overload!  I finally decided to try and plan a trip that would cover several areas of Ireland.  This way we could see different places and get a better idea of what makes Ireland, Ireland. Continue reading

Ireland – La Fheile Padraig Sona Duit

Happy St. Patty’s Day, In spring of 1703, a student of Trinity College in Dublin Ireland, Daniel, joined with his two older brothers sailed from Ireland on a merchant ship, under protection of the British crown. These merchant ships were headed to trade with the colonies. (Rumor has it that the boys’ father remarried, and money became an issue within the family. More than likely the new wife, Sarah, held onto the purse strings a bit tighter than the father did previously. She probably thought Daniel should pay for his own education.) In late April of that same year the fleet of ships finally arrived at the Colony of Maryland. These three brothers were bound by ‘Articles of Redemption’ to the captain of the ship for the cost of their passage to the colony. Upon arrival the captain could sell their ‘Articles’ at his own discretion, or they could make arrangements with local planters or merchants to pay for their passages. Then they would work for the purchaser as indentured servants until their debt was repaid in full. All three brothers were able to make arrangements for repaying their debts… one served as an apprentice in a doctors office, one helped with a local school, and the youngest brother, Daniel, (my GGGGG Grandfather) became an apprentice with a colonial lawyer in the colony at Port Tobacco. The rest is history. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!