General Handmade

GlobeIn – Food and Lifestyle Products

Supporting artisans and farmers around the world. I’ve subscribed to GlobeIn and thought you might enjoy it as well!  It’s a monthly subscription to food and lifestyle products from around the world. I thought I’d give it a try since I can cancel it at anytime.  They source these products from remote artisans and farmers.  …

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Alabama Handmade Soap

Homemade Hard Soap

Homemade Hard Soap Hard Soap (Castile) – Only 3 Ingredients Olive Oil, Water & Lye Cured 1 Year (for hardness) Just like Nanna would have made way back then! Recreated from researching recipes found in old newspaper clippings, magazines and handwritten recipes found tucked away in old recipe books. Most times I make and use …

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Alabama Handmade Photos

Someone’s Handiwork

A few months back I found two quilt tops at a local thrift store.  For the pair it was less than $5 so right off I was seeing a quilting project in my future.     Now to do some research and pick up the rest of the supplies.  It’s time to honor a project that some …

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