Purefoy Hotel – Talladega Alabama

HISTORY OF THE PUREFOY HOTEL – from the Purefoy Hotel Cook Book   The Purefoy Hotel had its modest beginning in 1916 in the little town of Monroeville, Alabama. Mrs. Eva B. Purefoy had been reared in a hotel atmosphere and her love of the business drew her again into that fascinating calling.   A successful business was built…


Old Advertisements – Grandmother’s Mince Meat

Grandmother's Mince Meat - Just like she always made.

I’m not sure what you think but Grandmother’s grandchild seems a little scary to me.  What do you think?  Wonder what type of mince meat pie he’s about to have?  Maybe he’s already had enough?  Check out this old advertisement that was in the back of the Boston Cooking-School Cook Book from 1924.  Grandmother’s Mince Meat – Just like…


Camp Dogwood

Lately I've been working on what I'm calling base camp Camp Dogwood.  It's a small area for tent or hammock camping but close enough that we can truck camp in we need to.  Due to the heat it is slow going.  Removing the dead fall, saplings, briars and filling some holes where stumps have rotted away.  The area is…