Travel Planning – Take The Kitchen Sink or Just A Carry On Bag?

Do you pack light or take enough clothes to clothe a small family of five when there are only two of you?  Last week I started planning a 10 day your of Ireland.  Budget in mind we will be carrying everything we need in our back packs as carry on luggage.  A first for us as a forever young couple…but it will give us freedom from lugging suit cases as we explore my great great grandparents homeland.
Since we are on a budget we are foregoing hotels as well and will save our Euro for the fun stuff like a wool shawl and several pints of Guinness.  Where will we stay?  In a hostel of course!  I guess you can say it is one more thing to check on my bucket list.
No rental car this trip either.  Public transportation and day tours will take us where we plan to visit.  Are we crazy?  I like to think thrifty.  It’s our chance to be a local for awhile and not a tourist.  Life is short and tomorrow is not promised. 
Oh, I’ve had three eye exams since January.  My Fuchs Dystrophy is still present.  I’m in glasses full time now and have started using eye drops to relieve the pressure.  It’s helped with the haze I would see sometimes.  This is another reason for our special trip…I just don’t know what my future holds but I most definitely want to see Ireland with the man I love.

Yeah For The Weekend

What a few couple of weeks. Add to the chaos crazy weather! This morning it was a toasty 28F and now it’s cloudy again so we are probably in for some rain.
I’m not sure if it was the weather or what, but I woke up with a headache this morning. Even tonight it’s still aching a little and seems to be behind my eyes. I’ve tried wearing my new glasses, but it will take a while to get used to these progressive bifocals. At work is the hardest since my computer has two monitors and if I just glance from one to the other it makes me dizzy. I have to remember to physically turn my head so that everything stays in focus.

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? I really don’t know who is playing but we will be watching just to see the commercials. Crazy isn’t it?

If your wondering about my vision it’s still about the same as before. In the mornings its a little hard to focus on things, but it gets better the longer I’m out of bed. No real cloudiness in my vision yet, but I’m keeping a mental list of the symptoms in the back of my mind. Did I mention that we are working to get our passports renewed? more putting things off. I want to do some traveling. I’d love to go back to Venice and Munich with hubby, but right now I’m actually looking into Ireland. Since I’m half Irish..why not! More to come on that subject later!

Margarita time!

Spring Already?

The temperature is already in the upper 70’s this morning and it’s hard to believe it’s still January.  Just a little while ago I noticed that our lemon and key lime trees are starting to bloom. The sunroom smells lemony but it’s a little too early for them to be blooming.  I don’t mind the warmer weather, but I’m not going to be turning on the air conditioning.  No need for heat plus not running the AC means a lower electric bill at the end of the month.  Yah!

The past couple of days I’ve woke up with headaches.  Not too bad, but just pressure behind my eyes.  I’m sensitive to light in the mornings too and that doesn’t help with my headaches.  So far the headaches tend to back off around noon.  I’m not sure if that’s due to taking Tylenol or that the pressure in my eyes have dropped as they do naturally over the course of the day.  Hopefully this week my new glasses will be in and I’ll be ready with my questions for my eye doctor.

Well that’s all for now.  Just sitting at the computer seems to aggravate my eyes and head…  🙁