Working At The Beach

Last month I had to travel for work and for this trip it was back to Eglin AFB for 10 days.  That in itself isn’t bad, however what made it even better was that I was able to find a condo on the beach in Fort Walton at the right rate!  Work was good and we were really productive.  I could really get used to watching this view everyday.  What do you think?

Thinking About the Keys

Rain rain rain…that’s when I start thinking about the Keys

Key West Lighthouse – Rumor has it that Ernest Hemingway used the light to find his way home if he got lost, since his house is just across the street from the lighthouse. A light that big would come in handy after having a few too many at Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

Home Again

Home again. What’s up with all the rain in Florida?? I mean really…does it have to rain EVERY day? Ok day it did not rain at all, but all the other days it rained a good hour or two after 4pm. I mean geez…I wasn’t drinking so it wasn’t like I need time for a nap or anything!

On the other hand it was a really fun and relaxing trip. I did not check my work email even once while I was there!

Navarre Beach has changed a lot since I was there 10 years ago. I remember a Holiday Inn and that was about it. Now there are houses every where! But hey, that’s a good thing. I said houses, not condos. There are the obligatory condo developments that are required for the beach but you can count those on one hand and all the others are private residences. I guess there are places on the Gulf Coast that haven’t been violated by big hotels and massive condos??!! Ok ok..I did stay in a condo the past few days, but it was small compared to what I’ve seen built the past couple of years down on Panama City Beach!

Ok.. it’s after 11 and I guess I should be getting to bed. OH Wait! I’m on vacation this week! 🙂

What have I been up to?

Well the past two weeks have been filled with all sorts of adventures in scuba diving. The Advanced Open Water certification class was interesting of itself, plus add to that two consecutive weekends of dives.
On our first weekend we traveled down to Vortex Springs in Ponce de Leon, Florida to dive the springs. There’s nothing more exciting than feeling 68F water rolling down your back inside your wetsuit. Friday night we did our first night dive. We saw lots of fresh water eels and plenty of large koi. Saturday and Sunday we finished up all our other required dives, plus one dive just for fun.
This past weekend we headed down to Panama City Beach for our required ocean dives. The first one was our deep dive (100ft) to the Accokeek (a Navy tug) and the second was another night dive to the Black Bart (185-foot oil field supply ship) sitting at 75 feet. I will say I completed both dives, but after the first I found myself fighting a case of sea sickness. I toughed it out and went ahead with the last dive.
I would say I have lots of pictures to share, but our camera didn’t quite make it this time. It sprang a leak sometime during the dives and it looks like the film may have got wet. It’s at the developer right now…we’ll see what comes out.
Ok.. time to do a little more work… more later.


Guess where we went…

This past weekend we finally had our check out dives for scuba. After two days of diving we’re finally certified! We could also be considered certifiable considering the water temps and the 51F weather on Sunday, but we made it to the end.

Vortex Springs
Ponce de Leon, FL

Where the water is 68F all year round!