Chicken Water System

I put together a simple chicken watering system using a few things I had in the garage:

Glue everything together except for the clean out plug.  Drill a hole at the bottom so that the chicken watering cup can be screwed into place.  Add an O ring if the cup leaks.  I drilled a hole in the collar so that it can be hung in the chicken run.  I also drilled a few holes in the test cap in case it rains.  This way the upper section doesn’t hold water, but will drain through to the inside.  The test cap will also keep leaves and large insects out too.  Plus if the section holding the water become air tight the cup wouldn’t dispense water correctly.

Live From The Field

Coachella – the Cochin x Buff Orpington chick

New life on our little “farm”. Hatched on 15 August. From what I can tell knowing which eggs hatched we have a Speckled Sussex x Buff Orpington chick and a Partridge Cochin x Buff Orpington chick. It will be interesting to see if they are hens or roosters and what their coloring will be when the feathers come in.

Speckled Sussex x Buff Orpington (on the left) and Partridge Cochin x Buff Orpington (on the right)

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DIY Chicken Water Warmer

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DIY chicken (poultry) water warmer. Made from a clay pot, clamp light with a 60 watt bulb and a piece of tile. The water container is also strapped to the ceiling so it doesn’t accidentally get knocked or blown over.