LuninAID Solar Camping Lantern and $10 Coupon

Camping, hiking or just for home lighting in an emergency situation we love our luminAID solar camping lantern.  Over the years I’ve lost track of how many lanterns we actually own.  The first one I received back when the company was first starting out.  However, since then I’ve picked up several other luminAID lights which all have various features and functions.  My favorite by far would have to be the PackLite Titan 2-in-1 Phone Charger light.  Why is it a favorite?

This lantern has built in USB charge port which I can use with my phone and a “red light” option.  The “red light” option comes in handy when doing night time photography or you just don’t want the harshness of the white light.  Each solar camping lantern has its own strap closure and can be easily attached to your backpack for charging on the go.  Looking for your own solar light?  Visit luminAID via this link for $10 Discount.

Solar Camping Lantern attached to Backpack

luminAID Solar Camping Lantern

Lantern using the red light option.

Normal white light option on bright.

The battery on these lights can be charged by placing them in the sun for several hours.  They each contain a battery check light letting you know that the lamp is charging and how much power is stored.  However, having accidentally packed one of these lamps away with the camping gear for several months it was still charged when it was time to use.  Generally I keep one of the small solar camping lanterns I keep in my car for emergency situations.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the LuminAID Solar Camping Lanterns!

LuninAID Solar Camping Lantern and $10 Coupon