Mini Medicinal Herb Garden

Short on space?  Space shouldn’t stop you from planting a small medicinal herb garden.  The garden can be in a small raised bed or in pots on the patio. A four-by-four foot raised bed is huge when planned and planted wisely with the right herbs.  A mini-herb garden for medicinal purposes can be tucked into a corner of the regular garden or anywhere you can find a little unused space.  When planting a small herb garden start out with the herbs that will be most useful to you. **Note the information provided is informational and one should consult their physician before consuming medicinal herbs.  Do not consume plants that you cannot positively identify.**

Medicinal Herbs

  • COMFREY – poultice for sores, swellings, sprains, bruises
  • ROSEMARY – tea for colds, headaches
  • SAGE – tea for colds, fever
  • GARLIC – sore throats, antiseptic
  • MINTS – upset stomach, aid to digestion
  • CAMOMILE – healthful tonic, sedative
  • GOLDENSEAL – upset stomach, colds, sore throat, a catarrh
  • HYSSOP – colds and fever
  • PENNYROYAL – menstrual cramps
  • YARROW – diuretic, menstrual irregularities

The herb-to-water ratio can vary by the quality of herbs used, whether they are fresh or dried (use twice as much fresh herb when making tea), and how strong you wish to make the tea. Use 1 to 3 tablespoons of herb(s) for each cup of water, or 4 to 8 tablespoons of herb per quart of water, depending on the herb.  Save time by making a quart for use during the day.  Steep herbs in fresh boiled water for 5-10 minutes, strain and enjoy.

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