Camp Dogwood

Lately I've been working on what I'm calling base camp Camp Dogwood.  It's a small area for tent or hammock camping but close enough that we can truck camp in we need to.  Due to the heat it is slow going.  Removing the dead fall, saplings, briars and filling some holes where stumps have rotted away.  The area is actually by a large dogwood tree too.  So far it's the largest dogwood on the property that I've found but there is so much more of the 54 acres we've not yet explored.
In our area the underlying soil is mostly red clay and few rocks.  I've not found any yet even in the creek to make a fire pit.  Maybe I can find some in another location and haul them to the campsite.
So much more to do with the improvements.  Next up will be a site further in that won't be as visible from the dirt road.