Chicken Broth – Instant Pot

Canned Chicken Broth
A few days ago we smoked a whole chicken in the smoker.  Once we had a few dinners off of it I really hated to throw out the left over bones and such.  I tossed it into a zip lock bag and put it into the freezer for a few days to think about what I could do next.
Fast forward to Instant Pot Chicken Broth!
I got my IP out and put the chicken carcass into the bowl.  I quartered a whole onion (skin and all) and tossed that into the pot too.  Add two bay leaves, heaping tablespoon of thyme, tablespoon black peppercorns and a little salt.  Cover with water but make sure not to go above the max fill line on the IP.  Valve closed and  high pressure for 45 minutes.

Let cool, strain and instant chicken broth!
The broth was placed in the fridge to cool over night.  The next day I skimmed the fat layer off the top.  Out comes the pressure cooker.  In order to properly can the broth I followed the recommended directions for my stove top pressure cooker.  Once the pressure cooker came up to pressure I only had to regulate the heat to keep at the recommended pressure for the recommended time (check your manual for proper guidance in your area).
I can’t wait to make soup this winter from my homemade broth!