Pocket Spice Kit Review from @wanderingthewilderness

Pocket Spice Box

I just wanted to share a review that someone did for me on the Pocket Spice Kit that I make and sell over on Etsy! Scott over at the@wanderingthewilderness Youtube channel reached out to me about the spice kits that I’ve been making for Etsy and asked if he could do review for his YouTube channel. Of course I said Yes!

Small Enough to Pack for Any Outing
Sturdy Metal Case with Hinged Lid – Five (5) Large 4 dram glass bottles w/ cork with one closure system (Ranger Band/s or Velcro Closure)
Contains Five Great Spices – Your Choice from a Large List!

Have you ever been out on a camping or hiking trip and wished you had something you could use to add a little flair to your trail food? Need a little zing for the food recreated during a reenactment? This Pocket Spice Box is a small tin box (approx 4.5″ x 3.3″ x .9″) that contains five small glass spice bottles with corks which hold about 15ml (4 dram). These are large so only 5 will fit in the tin. Pick your own five (5) spice combination from the listing below.  I also offer a kit with screw on caps if you would like a more modern look!

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