Awning Pole Flowers – Popup Mod

Are you tired of tripping over the  ropes that anchors the camper awning to the ground?  Is the ground too hard to hammer stakes in for the awning anchors?  Camping at home on the drive way and no way to secure the awning to the concrete without stealing bricks from around your neighbors garden?
Awning Pole Support
Here’s what I put together to solve some of the problems with awning ropes and securing the awning when camping in “difficult” locations.  A trip to the local home improvement store and Voilà!  Homemade awning supports that also pretty up the camp site!

I put these together one at a time so that I could make sure I got everything in place before the cement became too thick to work with.  Continue reading for a list of the items needed and directions on putting them together.

Most of the items used were found in the garage and I didn’t have to purchase. Be creative and use items that are around the house.

Materials Needed:
2 – 10 lb bags  (Quikrete)
2 – Plastic flower pots
2 – Steel Hooks
2 – PVC pipe
2 – Solar Lights
Assorted flowers from the Dollar Tree store.

Bucket & Water
Something to stir the cement.

The flower pots will need a hole drilled in the center of the bottom, so that water will drain if it goes into the PVC pipe when it rains. Cut two lengths of PVC pipe. Mine are about 10 inches in length. Make sure the PVC pipe is large enough that your awning pole can be inserted easily.
Mix 1 bag of cement with water, following the package instructions. Place the PVC pipe into the center of the pot (here’s when having a helper will be necessary) and begin packing the cement around the PVC. Make sure to not leave any air pockets. Once you’ve used all the cement, smooth the cement, insert the flowers, solar lights and 1 of the steel hooks around the PVC pipe. Carefully move your creation somewhere out of the weather so that the cement can cure. I let mine cure about 1.5 weeks before attempting to use. You’ll notice that the top of the cement will look wet at first, but it will ‘lighten’ and dry over time as it cures.

** Note: When I placed the flowers into the cement for mine. I wiggled them around a little bit. This made them easier to remove when I needed to change out the flowers. Also, the solar lamp will detach from it’s base, and is stored in the PVC pipe when moving the camper.

Repeat for the second Awning support. Enjoy! Made your own supports? Leave me a comment below!

Awning Pole Weight & Flowers

Camp Driveway!


Happy Camping!