Zambia Team Updates

June 27, 2018 – Great day today!  The morning started with playing with the kids at school at recess.  When we walked up we could hear then chanting “No snack, PLAY.  No snack, PLAY!”. The kids came out early and we played for about 45 minutes before they went back in for snack.  Then on the walk back we helped wash carrots.  Lots of carrots!

Washing carrots!


After the carrots are washed they are dried in the sun. Each pile belongs to one of the workers. Each is responsible for their own garden plot and will benefit from what they raise.

After a great lunch we had VBS for the school kids. They greeted us with singing that would melt anyone’s heart.  The children were told a Bible story and then there were crafts for all the children that went along with the story.  The men had a great day at their conference.  There were a lot of pastors and even a few female pastors.  All in all a great day in the Lord!