Zambia Team Updates


June 26 – Busy day today.  We sorted all the school and VBS supplies.  The tissue paper for one of the projects needed to be cut to size for making paper tissue flowers. Enough that each child can make a larger one and a couple small ones.  This morning when the school was on break we walked over to meet the children and their teachers. A few from our team played games with the kids and we learned a great deal about how the classes here are structured with combined grades.  For example a 1-6 grade school will have 1st and 6th graders together, 2nd and 5th etc.  After the visit it was back to cutting tissue paper.  Dinner was a traditional Zambia meal of nshima and various paring of other sauces and vegetables and as it’s traditional we are eating with our hand.

After dinner it was devotional time and then off to bed.