Potatoes and Onions…

At times I’ll remember a recipe or some food we had for dinner, supper, or lunch when I was growing up.  It’s odd how out of the blue that I remember what we had.  So today I saw a bag of potatoes and some onions in the refrigerator and I thought what about dicing them up and frying them in some bacon grease from that little metal pot that sits on the stove marked “Grease”.  Oh I know I shouldn’t say bacon grease.  Doesn’t the phrase fall into the same category as “wash rag”?  Would it be more 2018 to say “Let fry up some diced potatoes and a little onion in some fat rendered from bacon that was cooked for breakfast.  Remember to store your fat in the refrigerator so it can safely be used later for other recipes.”  So that’s what I did.

Diced potatoes, onion, and little carrot cooked until Brown and a little bacon grease.

Fried potatoes and onions in bacon grease!