Upcoming Mission Trip to Zambia

At the end of June I’ll be heading out for another mission trip.  This time to Zambia in Africa.  A team of missionaries from my church will arrive in Lusaka and be a part of a training seminar for pastors.  Our pastor and the men will work with pastors there and provide guidance and training.  The women on our team will work at the camp on enlarging their garden.  The garden there is used to grow vegetables that are sold cheaply to the local women.  They in turn turn the vegetables into other products and sell them to make money to support their families.  Our plan is to enlarge the garden so that they can support more of the local women.

Since the trip will be very expensive I have been trying to raise money to supplement my costs.  We have a few local fundraisers planned and I’ve started selling a few items over on Mercari.  I can raise money and clear out some clutter in the process!

I look forward to this trip (not so much for the VERY long 20+ hour flight) but to he help others and to share our gifts all over the world.