Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Centro Rural Metodista – Quesada, Alajuela, Costa Rica

In 2010 I went on a mission trip to Costa Rica and spent 10 days working on a 115 acre cattle farm.

Our team of three met up with other teams from other churches and did what we do best…help.  We didn’t stay in a hotel, we were not by a beach but instead we were in a very rural area helping people and they never even asked us to help.  Our surroundings were basic in nature (small dorm on the farm with bunks for 6 in a 15 x 15 room), no AC, no television  and being the city girl that I am it was quite a shock, but since my husband had worked on a previous trip I knew what I was in for.

The people we met in Quesada were so humble and so happy to have us there helping out any way we could.  Our team finished up shelving for one of the dorms used by the mission teams and we also painted a neighbors home that was completed by a previous team of volunteers a year earlier.  The family who lived in the home were away visiting family so we finished up all the painting so they would have a completed home when they returned.  Over all the home was about 300 sq feet and the luxury part was that it had a concrete floor.

When I arrived back home I was in total culture shock.  To see how much we have here and all the unhappy people.  In the foreign part of the world that I returned from the people did not have a lot but they were the happiest people I had ever met!

I continue to support them the best that I can from home, but in my heart I hope to return again one day and do more!

The neighbors home that we painted during our trip.

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