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GlobeIn – Bathe

I’ve subscribed to GlobeIn and thought you might enjoy it as well!  It’s a monthly subscription to food and lifestyle products from around the world. I thought I’d give it a try since I can cancel it at anytime.  They source these products from remote artisans and farmers.  There are several different theme boxes to choose from and plenty of items just in case you want to add extras to your monthly box.  This month my box was a surprise!  The Bathe Box contained a Hand woven 100% cotton pestemal bath towels from Turkey, small soft hand towel from Izmir Turkey, Lemongrass Citrus African Black Soap from Togo, Silk Face Scrub from Bursa, Turkey and it was all packaged up in a hand made palm leaf basket from Mexico.

Each of the towels are very well made.  I’m thinking the Turkish bath towel will be good for travel or camping.  It’s light and would dry faster than a normal towel.  In a pinch it can also be used as a wrap if the weather is chilly or the airplane too cool.

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