We Cut The Cable

September 2016 we turned in our cable DVR box and turned off all television services. We kept Internet and next month our cable bill will be $110 cheaper. This month the bill arrived and it was only $66! Here’s a recap of my project to cut the cable.  Read on below for an update from 2019.

I’m done. My project is complete. Disconnected the TV and Internet cables in the attic. Put the Internet on its own line (removing it from the splitter). Put together and mounted the remote controlled antenna in the attic and reconnect the TV cables. Now we get 47 free channels in the living room and bedroom, using one antenna and existing wiring.


Update:  I’ve added a second antenna in the attic and combined the signal so that we get a clear picture for the channels we wanted most like NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CW and all the PBS channels.