Merry Christmas


Ellen Clapsaddle postcard postmarked 1915

Ellen Clapsaddle Postcard – postmarked 1915

Merry Christmas from the Alder Grove! I thought I would share one of my postcards from my collection.

Ellen Clapsaddle, born in 1865, was an American illustrator who was born in Herkimer County, New York.


Old Recipe Clippings Found

Who doesn’t love pudding! Pudding Recipe
A couple of years ago I bought a cookbook at a thrift store for $1 and inside the book I found lots of newspaper clippings. Each one a little different, but apparently they were someones favorite recipes. I’ve been able to trace some by the details on the paper or if there are names listed. A couple have recipes for curing illness and the first one is for a laundry soap. Most of them seem to be from around 1879 – 1910. Enjoy!
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1784 Vermicelli Pudding Recipe – Recreated

I love to research old cookbooks even though I rarely cook during the week. On weekends I may try my hand at recreating old recipes just to see what our ancestors may have been eating. It’s fun to experiment, but sometimes things don’t go as planned, or the actual measurements have to be guessed. It’s kind of like my recipe for cornbread, which isn’t written down, but I know what to add to the mixture each time. This recipe for pudding came out great! I look forward to giving it another try and maybe cooking it in a dutch oven by an outdoor fire.
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