Popup Camper Mods – LED Lights

In June 2014 we purchased a used popup camper from a dealer 98 miles from where we live.  I researched the brand, model, year, and extra only to decide it was the perfect camper for us!  Tent camping was fun, but for us this was a step up off the ground and into something more like cabin camping.

Coleman Fleetwood Niagara Grand Tour Elite

Coleman Fleetwood Niagara Grand Tour Elite – after her bath and all gussied up on the inside.

The camper was a deal and the only catch was the 2 hour drive to pick her up and then the same for the drive back. She’s awesome even though I had to clean out enough dog hair for a small sweater. The fun part is changing out her parts and bringing her up to current standards. Next on the block to tackle is lighting. The original lights are great, but they use a lot more battery power and they get hot. I’ve decided to use these: after doing a bit of research. Well they arrived today and will go into the camper as soon as we get everything set up. Battery power should last a lot longer and during the summer the lights won’t give off as much heat. Great service from Amazon and the packing from GRV was great!
New LED Lights!

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