Being Prepared

Winter Storm Leon snuck up on the south this week. Folks that were caught off guard ended up being stranded at work, and in their cars on the highways. Schools cancelled buses due to safety concerns and kids spent their nights in the classroom. Being prepared can make a dangerous situation a little more manageable. I left work to head before everyone else was sent home.  Road conditions were changes fast and I did not want to be stuck at the office all night.   The drive home is only 12 miles but in the short two hours since the rain/sleet started roads and bridges were already getting icy. What most people don’t think about is what happens if you get stuck in traffic due to accidents or the roads close due to weather.
We can all start with being prepared.
I need to work on being prepared too. In the past I kept a flashlight and blanket in my car. After a while they seemed to take up space and ended up back in the garage. After seeing what happened this week its time to build a better car kit so that I don’t end up in a bad situation. After all it might not be weather, but what if I ran out of gas or my car broke down.
Let’s build a car kit and here’s what we’ll need:

  • Duffel bag or Plastic Tub
  • Blankets
  • Gloves
  • Hat, Toboggan (Took) and Scarf
  • Energy Bars and Snacks That Won’t Spoil
  • Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlights and Extra Batteries
  • Matches and Small Candles
  • Cat Litter for Traction
  • Small Shovel
  • Battery Booster Cables
  • Flourescent Flag or Cloth to Tie to Your Car Antenna
  • Whistle

Be creative and create your own emergency kit.  Check expiration dates on edible items and replace as needed so that you always have a fresh supply.  You may not get stuck in a snow storm, but if you do you’ll be better prepared to handle the situation.  Remember – stay with your vehicle.