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In my previous post I gave you a little tease of our trip to Ireland.  Now I will try to fill in all the details but overall my mind is still spinning from the wonderful trip we experienced.  Ireland itself has always been on my list of places to see but this past year I was drawn in a little farther.  I’d always heard stories of my mothers family being Irish, but it wasn’t until doing more genealogical research that I began to feel the pull.  The cherry on top was finding out via DNA testing that I was in fact 51% Irish!  I’ve not been able to narrow down the exact part of Ireland that my family came from but was able to come up with a general area.

Searching and planning for the trip started slow, but after a few weeks I was in information overload!  I finally decided to try and plan a trip that would cover several areas of Ireland.  This way we could see different places and get a better idea of what makes Ireland, Ireland.

Since I’m not good at sitting still for long periods of time I knew the trip would need to be a non-stop flight.  My back tends to get aggravated when being still for too long, so the flight itself was going to be a test in itself.  (8 hours non-stop flight)  I was also torn over trying to choose a hotel too!  Then it dawned on me that we could stay somewhere “on the cheap” and have more money left over to do more fun things!Isaacs Hostel - Dublin Ireland  (As long as the room was clean, bed comfy and the bathroom was clean.)  I did a lot of research and decided we would go the hostel route.  Yes, I said hostel.  No, we did not and have not watched the movie by the same name.  After reading a ton of reviews I decided Isaacs Hostel in Dublin would be our home for 7 nights.   Isaacs is close to the bus station which is good since we were not going to have a car.  Another plus that we discovered after arriving is that there are two pubs right around the corner, and a great place for breakfast around the other corner!

Since we would be skewing the average age of the hostel community while we were at Isaacs I reserved a private double room.  This was we had some privacy and no one else had to deal with my snoring in the dorms.

Staying at the hostel wasn’t bad, in fact if saved us plenty of Euro for other things, like shopping at the woolen mills and Guinness!

Our accommodations at Isaacs Hostel in Dublin Ireland.  What more do you really need when the plan is to see as much of Ireland as we could in just eight days!

Our accommodations at Isaacs Hostel in Dublin Ireland. What more do you really need when the plan is to see as much of Ireland as we could in just eight days!

Now staying at a hostel may not be everyone’s cup of tea pint of Guinness but it served it’s purpose, we got to mark of a post college milestone and saved about $100 Euro a night!  This on it’s on let us take three day tours to other part of Ireland.  At times we did not go the tourist route and went off the beaten path to see more of Dublin, Galway, Doolin, Bushmills, Cobh and Belfast (just to name a few places we visited).  Meeting the locals, listening to music and walking the city was the highlight of the trip.  I believe Ireland has the most friendliest people!

One of our day trips was to the Blarney Castle.  After Blarney we stopped in Cobh which was the final port of call for the Titanic.  As we were walking around the town I must have not been paying attention because the next thing I know I’m tripping over my left foot and land face first into the street!  The worst of the fall is absorbed by my left knee and the rest of it was my pride since I was sprawled in the street and there was traffic!  The car that passed me just as I fell stopped and the driver got out ran over and was frantically trying to make sure I was ok.  (He didn’t know I tripped, but thought he’d hit me some way.)  At the same time the bartender and her customers at the bar across from me came running out saying “Miss, we saw you fall! Are you ok?  Are you ok?” Everyone was helping me up.  Caring.  It was the most awesome feeling…more overwhelming that people do care.  My left knee…well that was something different.  Bad scrape and very bruised, but nothing that a bandage couldn’t cure. We rested for a bit in the bartenders pub and then continued on the tour. Did I mention that I sent the pub a thank you card? (Fast forward 4 days and we are back home. My scrape still looks angry even though we cleaned it and kept it covered after the fall.

Wool sweater and wool shawl/lap blanket

Wool sweater and wool shawl/lap blanket

I visited our urgent care center and they put me on antibiotics.   Seems tests came back and I brought back something other than a scar from Ireland.  Staph.  Three weeks later, more antibiotics,  I’m fine now.  Nice scar though.)   Cobh – the most friendliest people I’ve ever met!  Visit Ryan’s Bar, 12 Casement Square, Cobh Ireland (County Cork)!

The Ha'penny Bridge crossing the Liffey River in Dublin Ireland.  Built in 1816.

The Ha’penny Bridge crossing the Liffey River in Dublin Ireland. Built in 1816.

Awesome Full Irish Breakfast!

Full Irish breakfast consisting of eggs, grilled tomato, sausage, white and black pudding, toast and coffee

More to come!

I have plenty of stories!

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