Travel Planning – Take The Kitchen Sink or Just A Carry On Bag?

Do you pack light or take enough clothes to clothe a small family of five when there are only two of you?  Last week I started planning a 10 day your of Ireland.  Budget in mind we will be carrying everything we need in our back packs as carry on luggage.  A first for us as a forever young couple…but it will give us freedom from lugging suit cases as we explore my great great grandparents homeland.
Since we are on a budget we are foregoing hotels as well and will save our Euro for the fun stuff like a wool shawl and several pints of Guinness.  Where will we stay?  In a hostel of course!  I guess you can say it is one more thing to check on my bucket list.
No rental car this trip either.  Public transportation and day tours will take us where we plan to visit.  Are we crazy?  I like to think thrifty.  It’s our chance to be a local for awhile and not a tourist.  Life is short and tomorrow is not promised. 
Oh, I’ve had three eye exams since January.  My Fuchs Dystrophy is still present.  I’m in glasses full time now and have started using eye drops to relieve the pressure.  It’s helped with the haze I would see sometimes.  This is another reason for our special trip…I just don’t know what my future holds but I most definitely want to see Ireland with the man I love.

1959 GE Transistor Radio -P-807A

1959 GE Transistor Radio -P-807A #vintage #radio

Vintage radio number three! This little gem sold for $20 in 1959. In today’s dollars that would be the equivalent of $160. I found it Friday at a thrift store for $4. It only needed a little cleaning and a battery. Here’s a little something to give you an idea of just how much things cost in 1959:
Federal hourly minimum wage $1.00
Gallon of gas .25¢
Loaf of bread .20¢
1 lb coffee .77¢
Postage stamp: .04¢
Milk: $1.01
Average yearly income $5,016