Camping at Prairie Creek Campground

Camping at Prairie Creek Campground by PamB

Last weekend we decided to take a little camping trip. Prairie Creek CG is only 30 miles from where we live and we’d heard great reviews from coworkers.
Dodging all the storms we packed up in between rain bursts and finally got everything packed. Then the weekend of fun began!

I asked a coworker about swimming and right off he said it wasn’t a good idea. Seems there are alligators now on the Alabama River even this far north! Saturday one actually swam past our camp! It was a little unnerving at first, but I wasn’t too worried since we both had our 9mm’s with us. I will say that Saturday night I slept with my pistol by my sleeping bag.

Cool Breezes!

With all the rain storms close by the weather stayed in the mid to low 80’s which was cool compared to the 90-100 temps lately! I surprised myself by climbing into my sleeping bag each night when the temps dropped into the low 70s. I’m glad we went when we did…this weekend is supposed to be in the mid 90s!
Solar LED Lights lighting up the Camp Site!
Our tent is a Wenzel 2 Room – 7 person tent. Since there are only two of us we have plenty of extra space. Since I try not to stoop so much (2 back surgeries) this one looked like the best choice. Our old tent I had to crawl in and out. This one is 76″ in the center so I can stand up, walk around and I don’t have to stoop to enter or exit. Plenty of room for my Eddie Bauer queen size mattress that I got for $5 at a yard sale (new in the box too!). Since there was a chance of rain we even had room for a small table, the cooler and our packs! This was our first trip taking our dog with us as well and she did great! That on it’s own saved us $40 by not having to take her to the kennel!
It worked out great and I look forward to going camping again. This trip was our first in the Wenzel and it did great! We had about 4 hours of straight rain Saturday night and everything stayed dry. There was one small puddle by one of the seams, but we sealed it this morning while airing out the tent and getting it ready to store.

Oh I tried to glamp our tent up but seems hubby wasn’t too keen at first. I’ll go slow and see how it goes. I added solar lights to the inside of the tent that could be turned on by a pull cord. Out on the shade cover over the picnic table I had clear solar Christmas lights that I picked up at CVS for $2 each. Plenty of light, no heat since they are LCD and minimum bugs!  I also picked up a solar shop light for a deal since I had a coupon.  I put the light in the gear hammock at the top of the tent, and the string hangs down for turning the light on and off.  During the day I make sure it gets plenty of light and no more stumbling around in the dark trying to find your shoes just to make a run to the woods.   I’m about to start working on a cover for the aluminum camp table. Its small like a nightstand and we use it to keep important things off the floor like our phones, camera and Glock. I’m thinking I can make a nice cover for it and girly it up a bit!