Raised Garden Bed #3

Raised Garden Bed #3 by PamB

If you remember back a few months ago we had to move one of our gardens. At the time we didn’t know it was directly over our septic tank until we started having plumbing problems. The crazy part is we thought the septic tank was farther out into the yard.Well we’ve had enough warm days so we decided to set everything back up, but in a different place and away from the septic tank and field lines. I tried to help as much as I could but my back just wasn’t up to the task. Hubby finished moving the dirt and even attached the trellis to the end. I’m going to add a second and used these for my cucumber vines.

In other news I can finally wear my glasses almost 75% of the time. Outdoors in bright sun light is almost impossible and I haven’t driven with them either. They’ve really helped with reading and especially when reading labels. Why do manufactures make the print on the labels so small? Oh…maybe to hide all the ingredients not found in nature?

More later…time to baby my back.