Sharing the Love – Unscented Castile Soap

Unscented Castile Soap made from Olive Oil

It’s been a while since I’ve made soap but lately more ideas have come to mind. The process at times is tricky and things don’t work out as expected. This past spring I made a lot of different varieties of soaps and sold them at the local farmers market. I also have a little shop online but most of my repeat business comes from friends.

While we were in Savannah my interest peaked again to start making more items.  Since the farmers market is closed during winter this would be a good time to make a few things for next spring and summer.  I visited a small market on during our trip and realized if we lived there I could possibly do more business, but getting a spot in the area to set up would be more tricky.  The market seemed to be set up with booths of different sizes and I noticed each day that some stayed the same, where others changed out an a new shop would be there on different days.  Practically all types of crafts were covered from candles, soaps, candy, purses, bags, jewelry, silver, handmade scarves, blouses, and anything that could be branded with ‘Savannah’, ‘River Street’, etc…Yes I did pick up a few things for myself too!  A cute tote bag and a silver ring with an amethyst.  At least this year I was good and only sampled some of the goodies at River Street Sweets.  Last year we came home with 10 pounds of pralines! was a deal!  Yummy too!