Road Testing Our New Sleeping Bags – Chilly Experiment!

Tonight is the night. I finally broke down and purchased some new sleeping bags for camping. Our ‘wally world’ bags have served us well but are 12 years old, inefficient and worth the $20 we paid for them when we got them. They are not the type of bags someone would take on a hiking trip since they are heavy and don’t keep you warm unless its summer.
The new bags I got for us are from Sierra Trading Post and are 20’s. (If you sign up with my Sierra Trading Post link you can save $10!) This will be our first night out in mummy bags and add to that the weather is supposed to be quite chilly. Here’s the forecast for tonight in central Alabama.

Conditions for tonight”s MountainSmith road test!

Our accommodations for tonight will be our 8 year old Sir Edmund Hillary Tent (Sears) and two sleeping bag pads.  The documentation for this tent states that it will accommodate up to 4-6 people, but honestly I’m not sure how well that many people would fit in the tent unless it’s two adults and four children under the age of 6!  The view from the tent is of our picturesque surroundings (aka our back yard) and the resident wildlife (aka squirrels and the occasional bird).

Fingers crossed that I’m not running inside at 2am for the warmth of my bed!  Hubby laughs at me since he’s used to camping in snow…this southern girl may be in for an awaking tonight!

Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Road Testing Our New Sleeping Bags – Chilly Experiment!

  1. Can’t wait to hear how it went – and would love to know how you feel about your tent. I’ve been thinking about a family tent for a while now, but am reluctant to make the investment.

    • We’ve had this smaller tent for a while and just recently purchased a larger tent that would sleep six people. We didn’t need it for the room, only for the fact that I can stand up inside and not have to crawl around. Plus our queen sized air mattress fits much better too! When it’s all set up its like a portable cabin! (Each of our tents we did not pay full price. At the end of the season or when a new ‘style’ comes out the previous ‘style’ will go on sale. Our large tent was purchased for half price – $68 on

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